Our Philosophy

       We start every day with the idea in mind that:

           "Most people want to pay their bills...for your company...we help them do that."

        It is our job to figure out why they haven't, and help them get that done.

What We Do

        Our services are very unique and creative and are designed to solve payment

        problems in a respectful, and compassionate way. Not only do we work with

        credit granting businesses of all kinds, we work with the debtor to help

        them solve their cash flow challenges as well.

How We Are So Successful

       We work on our client's behalf to establish communication with their consumer,

       patient, client, member, or student. We are extremely effective developing this

      communication with over 95% of the accounts that our clients place with us. Many

      times our client will have outdated contact information, or inconvenient means of

      communication. Once we are able to get in touch with the responsible person, often

      times, that is the only road block to resolution. Once a connection is made, we treat

      your customer with respect and understanding, and listen to identify the reasons

      their account has gone unpaid, and more importantly, why they stopped communicating.

      If we can determine that the customer has the means to pay, most times, they will pay us

      during that conversation. If they feel they don't have the means to pay, we will work to

      understand why they feel this way. We can help get accounts resolved with payment plans,

      financing, grants, or even help them get back to work. It's not force that allows us to be

      effective, it is compassion and understanding.

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